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    Sealing a roof furnishes an extra layer of protective coating that can help delay damage from inordinate climates and other hazards, including sun, rain and ice.In case of  a flat roof , it must be sealed as flat roofs can turn into pools of water during heavy rains.

    There are mainly 6 types of roofs. They are Flat Roof,  Skillion Roof ,Butterfly Roof ,Curved Roof , Gabled or Peaked Roof  and Hipped Roof. It’s best to seal flat roofs as it is a wise decision instead of waiting for leaks. Any signs of leakage shows your roof needs coating.  In case you don’t notice such signs, a flat roof must be sealed every five years to protect it from water damage.

    While some leaks may be insignificant and even hard to notice, they are necessarily an antecedent of huge problems. Whatever the damage, when treated early enough, can save our time, money and energy.  A quality sealant to your roof is the best preventive measure.

    There are different types of sealants available on the market. To select the most suitable option for you, you need to take into account the roofing material, the type of roof (flat or angled), and, of course, the goal you wish to achieve.

    There are many commonly used types of sealants. The type of your roof and your personal preferences plays an important role in the selection process. For example, Acrylic coatings are not a proper choice for flat roofs as they don’t excel in handling ponded water.

    Silicone coatings are suitable for flat roofs. They are a relatively expensive option because of the great water and chemical handling. Metal roofs need to be carefully prepared for the job, just like Colorbond steel, and any other roofing material.

    Do you need to alter minor leaks? Do you require a more energy-efficient roof? If you’re not sure which option would suit you best, it’s a good idea to find the best Roof Sealing service in Melbourne because each type of coating has its strong and weak sides.  The type of coating that would work for you depends completely on the benefits you are looking to get.

    Benefits of Roof Sealing

    Roof Sealing service is a relatively inexpensive option when compared to Replacing.  Roof sealing is a better option if you want to reduce your bills as much as possible. The following are the benefits of Roof sealing, the decision to invest in roof sealing becomes clear, once you know what they are-

    Extend Roof Life Span

    The best benefit of roof coatings is that they increase the life of your roof. Adding a protective layer between your roof and the elements can make the roof more waterproof and help keep heat off the roof in the summer. When the causes of damage reduce, the roof will last longer.

    Maintain Roof Colour

    The Roof Sealing service helps the roof colour stay bright for many more years. A faded roof is never a good look for any building. Roof that continues to look vibrant will also increase in both value and  street appeal.

    Reduce repairs and replacements

    Sealed roof diminishes the risk of more cracks and leaks than an unsealed roof. To save your time, money, and energy in repairs and  replacements consult an appropriate sealing company .

    Environmentally friendly

    Last but not least it’s our own responsibility, to reduce material waste and use of eco-friendly products which are possible with the option of Roof sealing.


    Yes, it helps to reduce the causes of damage which will increase the lifespan of your roof.

    It’s not a good idea, consult a professional for roof sealing for best results.

    When compared to replacement of roof, Sealing is not costly but effective.


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